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Welcome to Art Of The Design

Art Of The Design represents the coming together of three very different artisans with three very different skill sets. Together we hope to bring you a wide selection of hand crafted gifts and keepsakes as well as a photo retouching service. Each piece on this site is made by hand within the wonderous land of Nova Scotia and each piece is totally unique.

Please, rest your weary feet and stay a while. You are most welcome.

Questions, comments and feed back are most welcome so please do not be afraid to drop us a line through the contact form.

All purchases are done through Paypal and you don’t even have to have an account with them to carry out the transaction.

If you arrived here expecting to find yourself at Heart Of The Design, don't worry. You haven't dropped through a dimensional portal in space... well you might of, but that is nothing to do with why you are at Art Of The Design. It simply means you have arrived at my new site... and possibly you are about to be swallowed up by the event horizon of a blackhole.

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