About Us


First off, welcome to Art Of The Design. It is wonderful to have you here… well strictly speaking, you are there and I am here… unless of course you are stood behind me as I write this… Gulp!

My name is Danny and I will be your guide through the murky waters that is Art Of The Design.

Art Of The Design

Art Of The Design is a collaboration of three Nova Scotia artisans. Not the sort of collaboration that gets you covered in tar and feathered but the sort that gets you covered in sawdust, wet epoxy and buried under mounds of fabric.

The three members of the team are:

John "Hannibal" Smith, H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock and B.A. “Bad Attitude” Baracus. You have found the “A-Team”!

The A-Team

No, not really. I’m kidding. B.A. didn’t want to join us when he found out Murdock was with us.

Ok, you’ve got me, which is more than the bad guys ever managed with the A-Team. We are a completely different team. As different as a pole dancing penguin caller Happiness Clide-Smithe is from a slightly warm bowl of pink custard with an under ripe strawberry in it.

Not the same

We are the “Art-Of-The-Design-Team”. Ok, that doesn’t trip off of the tongue the way A-Team does but when I went to buy the website domain name, A-Team.com was taken. Anyway, the A-team is sooooo 80’s. We are about now, being hip and happening and all that funky cool stuff the kids talk about today. You have to be hip daddio.it.

In any case, I digress, not undress – that’s not a pretty sight and certainly not suitable for a family friendly website like this one.

Enough already! Here is the team:

First off, there is Anna. She is a full time nurse and part-time epoxy resin maestro. She is also my long suffering wife… actually, she’s not that long, only 5’6” and I’m the one that suffers. Ouch! I knew I should have checked over my shoulder before I typed that… Sorry dear… Ouch!... Ouch!... Ouch!


Ok, my vision is clearing, I can carry on typing now. Back to telling you about my…Ev… I mean lovely wife… If something is stationary for more than five minutes or not, for that matter, Anna can embed it with epoxy resin and give it a sparkle whilst she is at it. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is for me to get a good night’s sleep these days. I’ve woken up three times in the last month with my hands in rapidly drying epoxy. She’s Evil! Evil, I tell you.

Joy is the second member of the team, like Anna, also a nurse.


Joy is the quintessential queen of quality quilting. She produces truly stunning and mesmeric works of fabric art. They are so mesmeric that the last time I looked at one for more than thirty seconds, Anna managed to hypnotise me. When I woke up she’d made it so I cluck like a chicken every time she clicks her fingers. She’s Evil! Evil, I tell you.

Lastly, there is me, Danny. I’m the saw dust maker, code monkey, PhotoShopper and oily rag of the group. Any issues with the website are my fault. Then again, Anna tells me everything is my fault. Did I mention that she is evil?


With my woodworking I try to retain the beauty of the original tree in a piece that is functionally useable. I figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Which is strange because that’s exactly what I seem to do far too often. Spade handles cringe in fear when I walk near. Isn’t that the title for a song?

OK, that’s enough drivel from me. Please enjoy the site and let us know if you hit problems. Thank you again for coming to Art Of The Design and my compliments on making it this far through my drivel. Feel free to lie down in a dark room to recover.


p.s. Did I mention my wife is Evil? … Ouch!... Ouch!... Ouch!

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