Photo Retouching Service

We are here to help with your photo issues.

If you have a photo you think we can help with, please let us know how you think we can help.

The process is very straight forward:

  • First off, using the form below, send us a copy of the photo along with a brief description of what you need.
  • From there, we will have a look at the requirements and the image. We'll then get back to you with our thoughts and a price to carry out the work.
  • If you want to proceed with the order we will first of all require a $5, non-refundable, deposit.
  • Once we have that, we'll carry out the work and send you watermarked proofs of what we have done.
  • If you are happy with them, all you need then do is pay the balance, if there is any, and we will email you the finished images.

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